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one hundred and eighty nine

303 Projects, Lowestoft, 2022 

Exhibition Text:

For her solo exhibition one hundred and eighty-nine at 303 Projects, Wilson presents a work that finds a moment of stasis in its occupation of the gallery space. Unsure of itself before it arrived and unsure of where it will go next. 

one hundred and eighty-nine, is a measurement of sorts, an arbitrary one really, a number that fits together well, 1+8, 9-1, does this matter? The exhibition is accompanied by a text-work that is constructed using the first line from the 189th page of each book in Wilson’s studio. 

Pushing at abstraction and translation, these works sit in conversation with one another, both presenting potentialities and outcomes that have cemented on the page and in the space, and both inviting the viewer to speculate on their individual journeys. 

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