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Including the Individual

I sent the pupils a worksheet before the final session, just to re-cap on what we had done and to ask them to come to the final session with some ideas and materials that they would like to explore. Click to see worksheet

For the final session I wanted to allow the pupils to make their individual mark, we'd made collaborative drawings and collaborative sculptures, this session was designed to include each individual by making mini monuments to their presence, a little like a totem pole or cairn.

I introduced the process of casting and shared 5 artists with the pupils, each artist used casting in their practice but in varying ways and scales; Rachel Whitread, Helen Barff, Boyle Family, Lana Locke and Laura White. What was key to this introduction was the idea of creating space, we were not going to directly sculpt a shape but generate spaces that we could record using plaster.

I showed various examples of cast sculptures that I had brought along, describing different ways to create surface - plastic giving a smooth finish, cardboard a rougher finish etc. We also looked at how we could use clay to push objects into the surface and then record the relief.

Pupils were challenged to make two spaces to cast and to connect them together in some way, using aluminium or twigs or sitting one on top of the other. The results were really exciting, all pupils had the opportunity to mix plaster and towards the end of all the sessions they were taking it in all sorts of directions as you can see from the picture gallery opposite.

All the work from the project will be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery 19th-18th June 2017

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