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Creative Response One

Sculptural Self Portrait

Cuffs, Ruffs and Crowns


After viewing the portraits at ‘The Queens House’ the week before to get an idea of what Queen Elizabeth I and Sir France Drake were trying to convey. I introduced the creative response; making sculptural portraits that communicate something about yourselves and your lives in Deptford.


Pupils worked in small groups and pairs to draw around parts of their bodies; arms. legs, heads etc. Generating atleast 3 shapes each to work with in their sculptures. The pupils had all brought in materials to collage, using paint and collage we decorated the shapes in ways that communicated something about their lives in Deptford.


After lunch I described how to sculpt the shapes by bending, folding and fixing the paper parts to create a sculptural piece of clothing, designed to fit on the wrist, neck or head reminiscent of the Tudors elaborate cuffs, ruffs and crowns. 



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