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Creative Response Two

Casting Deptford's History


Helen Barff gave an introduction to the day, Helen is a sculptor who frequently works with casting and has worked with objects from the Thames at several points in her practice. Helen described how she uses objects in her practice, suggesting the process of casting is potentially a way of making a physical memory, one that is tactile and tangible.

We split the class into two groups, working with 15 pupils in the morning and 15 in the afternoon. Helen described the considerations that need to be made in selecting which object to cast and also how to choose the appropriate section to cast, this is done through drawing and consultation with myself and Helen.

Using alginate to generate a mould of the objects we take the pupils through the process and then move on to mixing plaster ensuring everyone is involved.

Allowing for an hour for the plaster to set each group was able to then come back and release their casted objects from the moulds.

The pupils casted objects are to be used in the fabrication of the final gallery outcome.

Every pupil achieved a strong outcome, the experience of duplicating something in 3D was an exciting process to share with 11 and 12 year olds. The use of these objects in the final gallery outcome will be very exciting, at this stage it is quite hard for the pupils to imagine their work will be exhibited in the new gallery at the National Maritime. The potential for this to allow the pupils to reflect on the project in the future through visiting the work in the museum is potentially very interesting.


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