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Final Day with St Stephens Primary School

Visually Mapping History


For the final day with St Stephens Primary School Ben and I brought together the historical and the creative to combine delivery bring together both perspectives.

We planned a journey that could show the pupils some of the remnants and clues to Deptfords Maritime history. Ben informed the pupils of the historical relevance of each location and at various points along the way the pupils made drawings of what they saw.

To make the drawings I introduced then to the frame drawing technique, using the frames as a viewfinder in order to choose what to record. The concept was to visually map the journey along the Thames back to their school.

Using the drawings made in the morning the pupils worked on two large scale sheets of paper, projecting the drawings onto the paper and situating them along the line that I had drawn out to depict their journey. In the photographs opposite I have depicted the line more clearly in orange to demonstrate this. With limited time in the school day there is still some resolving to do with the drawings, before we exhibit them in June I plan to combine both maps, cutting and pasting to include everyones work.

Whilst the drawing/mapping was going on Ben worked with the rest of the group, asking them to think about how we visually remember history, what clues we can look out for? He asked the pupils to develop ideas for an image or object to act as a memorial and what they might make that memorial for.

All the work generated by the pupils so far on this project will be exhibited in Deptford this June, details to follow. The work will also all be used towards the generation of the final gallery outcome for the National Maritime Museum that Helen Barff and I will fabricate



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