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Gedemøl (Goat Moth) in Godsbanen 

Solo Exhibition at Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark 2018.

Exhibition Text:

Culture and nature merge into a new contemporary work of art on Godsbanen


Deep inside the trees in Riis Skov back in May, you could - if you looked closely - see a woman who, with planks of all colors, a hammer and nails, climbed around the beech branches and hammered and built. The woman was Alice Wilson, a contemporary artist from England, and between green leaves and white chives, she created three-meter-high towers, which she named GOAT MOTH. 

Now the work can be experienced again. Recontextualized and reconstructed in the foyer of Godsbanen, GOAT MOTH will be presented and exhibited from 24 October to 8 November 2018 together with other related works that Alice Wilson has made in her studio in London after the visit to Aarhus. 


In her artistic practice, Alice Wilson explores how we negotiate, access and use landscapes and spaces. In Riis Skov, she had to use her whole body and a little more to find her way into the landscape:


The three towers were on the border of what I could physically manage alone without a ladder or people to help me. I worked on slopes and had to climb the trees, and therefore it can be said that the landscape played a big and crucial role in the final result.

The English contemporary artist is educated in the art of painting, but her palette looks different from most. For this exhibition, Wilson has used a different technique, where she paints planks in different colors and uses them as brush strokes each. That way, Alice does not paint with brushes, but with planks. 

It was no coincidence that the artist traveled all the way to Aarhus to do GOAT MOTH. The English contemporary artist was fascinated by the city and attracted by its unique topography with the adjacent forests, beaches, industrial areas and the city as a cultural center. In addition, Per Kirkeby's colors are a great source of inspiration for her works, and GOAT MOTH is, among other things - after a slightly rough translation - named after Kirkeby's painting COSSUS LIGNIPERDA.

There is a vernissage of the exhibition GOAT MOTH on October 24 from kl. 16-18 in Godsbanens foyers, where Alice Wilson in a conversation with art critic Trine Rytter Andersen will tell more about the works.

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