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Solo Exhibition, JGM Gallery, London, 2019



For her debut solo installation with JGM Gallery, Wilson presents a body of work that plays with form and function. At first possibly appearing useful but on closer inspection rendered useless by scale or stability. The work's interrogation of how we negotiate landscape attempts to function as an allegory of our relationship to educational, political and social structures. 

The Barrier System Paintings, placed on the walls are in some ways a formalisation of the by products of her process, developed with material left over from large scale sculptures; colour tests, off-cuts and imagery. Wilson pulls these pieces back together into what is for her the most tangible and formal art object; the painting. The titling 'Barrier System' references Wilson's own educational and social structures, she is acknowledging her education in painting and her romanticised experience of landscape as a potential barrier to being able to think outside of these terms.

From functional objects to towering abstract constructions, Wilson moves between concept driven ideas and developing opportunities to make site responsive work. 

Individual Works

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