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KK Trove 

Curated by Charlie Levine 

SqW: Lab, KK Chambers, Mumbai, 2023 


A site-responsive exhibition featuring new work by four artists from the UK and two from India. Inspired by the exhibition venue, each new work links to the themes of process and place - these themes being key to venue hosts SqW:Lab and their research. The title, KK TROVE, is linked to the curator’s former gallery in Birmingham, UK, called TROVE, whose site and programme themes are extremely similar to both KK Chambers and SqW:Lab. The exhibition, KK TROVE, will consist of a mixture of installation, prints and interventions. | 


Artists Included:

Dawn Beckles

Dilip Chobisa

CJ Mahoney

Sukhdev Rathod

Liz West

Alice Wilson

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