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Parasol Unit

Foundation for Contemporary Art

Workshop to complement Rana Begum Exhibition July 2016


After looking around Rana’s exhibition, year 5 Pupils were given coloured card, an assortment of templates of shapes, masking tape and scissors. It was demonstrated how to cut shapes, tessellating them on the card to make best use of space, pupils were instructed to draw and cut out 9-10 shapes using the same shape up to 3 times and using up to 3 colours. Using masking tape to join and hinge the shapes together, pupils experimented with layout and colour before using the tape to fix and generate folds in the work creating 3D compositions that sat proud of the wall, echoing some of the ideas employed in Rana’s work.

more in formation on Rana Begum is detailed below'


Rana Begum was born in Bangladesh in 1977. She moved to England in 1985 and has lived here ever since. She graduated from BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art in 1999 and MFA  Painting at Slade School of Fine Art in 2002. 


Her work occupies a space between sculpture and painting and aims to bring us to a heightened awareness of the potential for beauty in the urban experience. She takes her inspiration from her experience of the city, creating abstract sculptures and reliefs which explore the properties of light, colour, movement and form

Through her articulation of the urban environment in a purified form, each of her mini-colour fields might be imagined as representing a momentary visual memory. Her work, minimal in its formal language, imposes order and system by abstracting those moments of aesthetic wonder into concrete forms.

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