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Recreational Grounds

Curated by Fiona Grady and Tim Ralston

Heygate Carpark, Elephant & Castle, London, 2018


Recreational Grounds is an ongoing project that works to the following brief;


Recreational Grounds is a reaction to the issues of limits and accessibility of the more typical exhibition spaces in London, with an aim to encourage experimentation and create a dialogue around the alternatives presentation of artwork. Invitations to each artist were inspired solely by a curiosity in their practice with the following introduction and curatorial criteria;

*The artwork must have no negative impact on the building.

*Everything installed must be removable and leave no permanent damage.

*The work must be installed in a day.

*The work must be secure and safe enough to be left in a public space for 72hrs straight.

*The artwork must respond to the site and display an ambitious approach to creating new site specific work.

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