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Study Day Two

Working with The Thames Discovery Programme's Josh Frost, this day was designed around a hands on archaeological investigation into Deptford's history. Walking from the school to the bank of the Thames, Josh explained relevant histories along the way and we gathered on Watergate Street before descending onto the banks where Deptford Dockyard used to function.

The pupils all had archaeological find bags in which to gather materials that we would try and date later on in the afternoon.

Much more of the history of trade at the dockyard was explained by Josh at various points during our time collecting on the banks. Josh was able to direct the pupils to clues and relics of how the dockyard functioned by pointing out the remnants of shackles, walls, fixings - the pupils were really astute in making the deductions as to what may have been.

We returned to school where Ben Weddell from the National Maritime Museum delivered a session relating the finds from the morning to a 400 year timeline of Deptfords Maritime history.


At the end of the session myself and Helen Barff introduced how we would be responding to the activities of the study day through casting some of the objects we had collected. 

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