From a Few Different Angles

Solo Exhibition at Artlacuna 14th-18th April

Private View 16th April 6-9

48 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LR

In an exhibition of new work made specifically for Artlacuna space, Alice Wilson uses collage, painting and photography to pull together fragments of imagery sourced from the Scottish highlands.


Interrelating and multilayered image-objects depict a landscape acting as a repository for our culture and identity. Fences and gates appear to obstruct the viewer’s gaze whilst sections of voile, the surface on which Wilson chooses to work, are left vacant allowing the viewer’s imagination to pour in. Her visual language, which is thoroughly honed and born out of rigorous experimentation, confronts and questions our relationship with the mediated landscape.


Collage is an eloquent means of introducing the varying ideas relating to the landscape as our interpretations and the meanings that are given to it are multilayered and overlapping. The addition of paint not only gives colour but also creates distinct borders around chosen elements of the image, objects appear superimposed and each artwork becomes something of an evaluation.


Wilson asks the viewer to consider their everyday, real interactions with nature against a fictionalized landscape that is only perceived to be real in photographs, posters and postcards. However, Wilson’s artworks are perhaps postcards for a postmodern age where our collective understanding of the landscape explodes into subjectivity.


Whilst making a critique of the camera, Wilson pursues a more convincing means of expressing her firsthand experiences of the scenery in the highlands. Not by producing simple copies but by making imaginative tokens expressing an equivalency of her real experience. These are landscape images not only to be viewed but to be negotiated as well.


text by Tim Barnes