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I spent two days with the structure, providing three different drawing techniques. I had drawing boards available for participants to sit and stand around the structure, selecting an aspect to draw from. I had photocopies of the images from around the site which I asked participants to draw on top of, again using the framing devices in the structure to select what to record. However by far the most popular technique was using empty frames which the participant could pick up and use as their own viewfinder, the frames had acetate on them enabling participants to trace directly what they wished to record.


The engagement with the general public was initially daunting but there was quite a dominoe affect as more people saw what others were doing and any need for me to corner passers by quickly dissipated.


I had planned that I would work on images held within the structure over the 2 days of the festival but I became a full time facillitator for the work which was a very positive experience.

Many participants took to drawing their friends, as well as the surrounding area and its landscape. As I collected drawings I added them to the structure, forming a collecive record of the event. 




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