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I installed the structure at Hackney WickED Arts Festival, a festival which takes place over various sites and venues in Hackney Wick over a weekend. 


Some of the frames were made in advance but the erection of the structure took place in direct response to the site I was given to work with. The Structure was deisgned to create as many viewfinders to frame the surrounding area.


Within the framework of the structure I attached canvases which were strecthed with voile (a diaphanous fabric.) The canvases had images from the area the structure was placed in and acted as my observations of what I had previously recorded in the space.


As the week progressed so did the set up of the site, the images I had recorded of a quiet and empty industrial space became surrounded by increasing numbers of projects, stalls, bars and finally throughout the weekend - a lot of people.


Positioning my work within this environment outside of a gallery and away from a directly art audience left me felling vulnerable. The concept was to share the start of an idea with others and to see what I got back in return. 




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